PETROLATUM In 1859, workers at the oil drilling sites observed coagulation of white gel-like substances at the edges of oil machines. It is a mixture of oil and minerals. However, they noticed this substance is excellent at healing burn wounds and minor cuts. So, a scientist named Robert August Chesbrough began researching it. Soon this product was distributed in a small jar/tub called Petrolatum, roughly known as Petroleum jelly. It became a staple ingredient for minor rashes, eczema, and burn wounds. People went gaga over it. Due to its moisturizing properties, it became a must-have ingredient in beauty and skincare products. People loved it so much and so that it was added in cleanser, lotions, gels, sprays, and even in blushes and lipsticks. Since then, the Petrolatum got many variations. Petrolatum is a blend of occlusive ingredients that seals in moisture and provides a physical barrier to retain it.

Important Things to Know about Petrolatum

Yes, Petrolatum can be used on the body wherever necessary. It is a versatile ingredient addressing various topical skin issues. It softens the chapped lips, helps heal the cracked feet, provides moisture to dry skin, treats first-degree eczema, rashes, works excellent as a lubricant, etc.

Petrolatum is an essential component of many skin care products. It is added in cleansers, lotions, face washes, moisturizers, etc., to comfort your skin issues. Most serums for the face and eye also contain Petrolatum in different concentrations. Even, Makeup removers containing Petrolatum work great. It melts the makeup without stripping off the skin’s physical barrier and provides moisturization as well. It is used in foot care products as well.

Petrolatum works as emollient. It penetrates the epidermal layer and instantly softens the interspaces of cells, and moisturizes it by locking water in it. When the skin is internally moisturized, it looks excellent from the surface. The leathering of Petrolatum provides a physical barrier to moisture lock. It stops the evaporation of water and promotes the occlusion of actual moisture content.

As a moisturizer, it can be used by modification. Not only dry skin but oily skin and combination skin too need it. So, by varying concentrations, it can be mixed with creams, ointments, balms, and lotions to magnify its valuable properties. By taking a dermatologist’s recommendation, its efficacy can be enhanced further. Always wash your targeted area with antibacterial soap and then leather the product on it. Massage it for proper absorption and leave it overnight or as prescribed.

Petrolatum possesses a myriad of uses. Anyone suffering from medical conditions like atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and dry skin can use Petrolatum. It is available in ointment, balms, medicated creams, gels, and lotions. Even medicated shampoos and conditioners also contain Petrolatum in different concentrations. Furthermore, it can be beneficial on the skin of babies for up to weeks. In addition to this, Beauty products also contain Petrolatum in traces, i.e., Lipsticks, Foundations, Nail polish remover, and Primers. Hence proved, Petrolatum is a wonder ingredient. Our skin needs essential moisturization, and people from all walks of life can safely use Petrolatum as it is economical and contain diverse uses. However, if someone is having discomfort using it, should take estheticians’ and dermatologists’ advice first.

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